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                Corporate News

                Yan Jiangying, member of the Party group and Deputy Director of the State Food and Drug Administration, and the party led the investigation and survey of Uniasia.


                        On June 28, 2019, Comrade Yan Jiangying, member of the Party group and Deputy Director of the State Food and Drug Administration, together with Li Jinju, Deputy Director of the Cosmetics Supervision Department of the State Food and Drug Administration, and Li Nan, Director of the General Department of Cosmetics Supervision Department of the State Food and Drug Administration, accompanied by leaders of Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Guangzhou Market Supervision Bureau, and Guangzhou Development Zone Management Committee, visited Uniasia for investigation and survey. Vice President and General Manager Chang and Chief Quality Officer General Manager Chen of Uniasia Group accompanied the reception.




                        Accompanied by General Manager Chang, the leadership of the research team visited Uniasia Production Base to learn more about the production and quality control of the enterprise. Later, General Manager Chen introduced the scientific research and innovation achievements of the enterprise to the visiting leaders. Director Yan Jiangying encouraged Uniasia to further develop its scientific and technological advantages and contribute to the creation of high-quality national brands. 


                        The leaders present jointly discussed the current situation of cosmetic industry development in Guangdong province, the supporting policies and experiences of local governments for cosmetic industry and regulatory development, and listened to the reports of Guangzhou development zone government and Uniasia on the operation of cosmetic enterprises under the new situation at the symposium.


                        Director Yan Jiangying mentioned that the state will always support the development of domestic enterprises when talking about the comparison between domestic national brands and foreign brands. All levels and departments should also actively provide good services to help enterprises solve the problems they are facing, create a better business environment for the development of enterprises, and promote the development of Chinese national enterprises.


                        General Manager Chen said that the development of Uniasia cannot be separated from the dividends created by the government for enterprises. Under the guidance of governments at all levels, Uniasia will join hands with the industry to promote the healthy development of China's cosmetics industry in the future.